SAP : Sales dan Distribution

Materi :

1.     Navigation
2.     Enterprise Structures in Sales and Disribution

  • General Sales and Distribution Structures
  • Sales and Distribution Structure in mySAP ERP
  • Sales and Distribution Structure of Model Company IDES inc

3.    Overview of Sales and Distribution

  • Process Overview
  • Sales Processing
  • Shipping Processing
  • Billing Document Processing

4.    Master Data in Sales and Distribution

  • Customer Master
  • Material Master
  • Customer Material Info Record
  • Conditional Master Data for Pricing
  • Additional Master Data

5.    Sales and Distibution Processes – Data Determination and Collective Processing

  • Function of The Sales Document Type
  • Plant, Shipping Point and Route Determination
  • Shipping Scheduling
  • Collective Processing in Sales and Distribution

6.    Availability Check

  • Basics
  • Sample Scenarios
  • Transportation Processing

7.     Make to Order

  • Presales Processing
  • Function of the Item Category
  • Assembly Processing

8.    Complaint Processing

  • Credit Memo Request
  • Return
  • Invoice Correction Request

9.    Analyses for Sales and Distribution

  • List and Report
  • Sales Information System
  • Business Information Requests

10.    Integration SAP ECC and SAP CRM

Function of mySAP CRM in the Sales and Distribution Environment


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